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Sundial (7/8/2003) - SpookyTim semi-unwillingly contributed this piece while he was trying to escape SARS.

Buick MacKane (6/19/2003) - SpookyTim wrote this piece while attempting to fit himself into a bucket the size of a pea. A short, short piece of fiction (I hope) about chance fateful meetings.

The Garrulous and Phonetic Clon Melt (8/22/2002) - Is this an unfinished science fiction novel? Or a surreal dream inside a bottle of ink?

How You Know (4/27/2002)

Not a Zebra, In the Zoo (11/09/2001)

A Heed to Tweak, Do You?

Bertie, his Aunt, and a Powder

Taking out the Trash



Better Pants Than Sorry (03/07/2000)

My Monkey, on My Porch (03/07/2000)

Grants available for Spanking the Sphincter with the Washer Machinery!  Under Heading e11002.b04, Squiggly Butt Artists can Enter Up to Four  Cardboard Sphincters for Consideration (03/07/2000)

An Agent and Vargish Trim  (03/08/2000)

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