2003 by SpookyTim

Wild eyed. Blood knocking around arteries like billiard balls in a speed match. Heart hooked up to a wah-wah peddle, some fat fuck jumping to the rhythm. Cold wet fear licking skin, Dolby Surround Sound breathing.

More afraid than I had ever been. So little time to think, only to act. Took flight. Made to escape. Doorway not an option - Wanted to get as far away as possible, not closer. How scared was I? ...

Jumped through closed window. Turned on my heal and launched, rolled forward into the pane, covering my head with my arms. Sounded like a movie. Hitting hard earth five feet below, head first, a shower of glass. Didn't look up. Picked myself up. Ran. In pain, skewered by glass. Limping but running, crying out but silent, Moving quickly as I could, trying hard to ignore pain. I ran from the yard, open gate, across the lawn, into the street, over that, past parked cars, round the corner, old ladies hair salon, past that, past tattooist, past record exchange, ran down two blocks. People pretend nothing is happening. I cannot. I was not getting away. I was not feeling safe. Situation didn't look safe. I had to keep moving and fast. I was running, I was hunted.

Turned down Frampton, crossed in front of tram. Sounded a horn, screeched to a halt. Driver shouting at my back, I speed into the junk alley between residential block and Library. Picked my way over, under sofas, car door, old fridges and stinking mattresses. Still running, still hunted.

Emerging at other end, crossed the dis-used parking lot to the back of the supermarket. Mistake. Fenced in. Only the delivery door to the Supermarket store room. No choice. Try it.

Locked. Losing time. Losing ground. Panting wildly. Great pain torso. Stitch setting in. Face a grimace. no time for this, still in fear, still hunted. Up over the fence. Land on my shoulder on the trash cans. Smack down onto concrete slabs and more glass. Broken bottles. Pick myself up. across that yard, open door. Through that, a bar. Lazy slum bar. Bastards. One bar tender. Shouts. I'm gone. Through front door. Still light. Early. Late running, still hunted.

Across that street. Searing pain across guts. Cars flit past. Running middle of the road. Waiting for traffic break. Straight down the middle. I'm slowing. I can feel that. I am losing the will to continue. Still scared though, still hunted.

Other side. Market Street. Market night. Full Swing. Stalls. Flowers. Frocks. Ornaments. Women. Speed through, knocking over, sprays of sweat. Angry complaints. Slows me down. Thick with people, thick with obstacles. Busy, packed Sunday trade. Stumbling on boxes. Running and stumbling, not yet letting up. Not giving up. need escape. At all costs. Bad fall, cracked wrist, straight up, keep on. Fear. Still running, still hunted.

Cut across stall, keep heading south, behind the tables where the traders stand. Shouts, traders try to stop me, shouldn't be there. Commotion, more. Can't fight through them. I shout some stuff, panic, they don't understand, think I'm a thief, but not sure. I see a cafe close. Amazing. View straight through, Back door open. Rear seating in the sun yard. Fight through, shake off. Keep on. Cafe. In. Out. Over the wall. keep going. Railway siding. Along first. Then over tracks. Down other side. Wall. High. No time. Jump off. land badly. Slide down shale. Ankle Fucked. Keep on. Still Running. Still hunted.

Bleeding. Broken. Surviving. Escape. Mechanic yard. Across that. No trouble. Desperate now. Limping. Ankle great pain. Must focus though. Keep on. Through yard. Out back. Chainlink fence. DOG!

SHIT. Run fast. Up fence. mechanic shouts. Up and over. Gone. Back of warehouse. Small gap. Stumble along it. Hands on corrugated walls. desperate. Crying. Reach front. Bay. keep going. Past pallets. past crane, loading. Only one way now. Only one direction. Down Pier. Working pier. Rough. Oily. Labourers. No stop to watch. Down pier. Past loading bays. Past pallets, stacks, cranes, labourers, fish nets, life belts, moorings, signs, warning, warning, end, twenty feet, still going, running for my life, running out, still pursuing, still running, still hunted, nowhere left, end of pier, can't swim, afraid of water, end of pier, pursuit over, trapped, cornered, wild eyed, blood knocking like billiard balls. Heart like a wah-wah. Cold fear, skin, I stop, I turn, i turn and face, steadily, approaching, no rush, calm, game is up, chase over, sitting duck, reaches my toes, bladder gives, urine, sweaty legs, no more room, no more running.

Night time finds me once more.