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I step in through the shattered hole in the window. I thought the place was empty, all the lights were out. The first thing I see is the stool where had sat the pale man with the large eyes. It's empty now. Then I hear Mr. Stevens, "What are you doing back here? Why'd you break my window?"

I didn't mean to do this, I didn't mean anything. I wanted to see those little objects that didn't make any sense. Something about Mr. Stevens scares me though, or startles me. I startle easily, I think about the dark water and the night time, and how much under there I don't know anything about. There were 20 men, at least, out there in the middle of the Atlantic, and they were hiding. I never would've found them myself if I hadn't overheard two of them in a bar. They were talking too loud. I wish I hadn't heard.

I startle easily now, and I didn't even know I had a gun. I knew, of course, but I had forgotten. I hit him right between the eyes. I don't even stop to find any objects. I just run out, frightened again.

I'd been writing the letters to myself. I didn't know it yet. A cable snapped between the windows of my building and the next. Some clothes fell softly to the snow below. Cold. Mr. Stevens would always bring me blankets during cold spells, and water during dry spells. Lucy ws fucking someone in the room above me. I wondered about Alice. I heard her pencil's scratching in the melodies. They kept coming. I slept. One call, 11 seconds. I made my way to work. Approved.

I slept. The bank was grey again. It had been that way everyday since the night I spoke to Alice. "The water looks awefully murky today, Griggins." No reply. I'd found what it meant at the bottom of the sea. Maybe The Greats had put it there for safe keeping. My secret knew it. My secret fell apart. The words are slowing down. The glass in his hand felt like love.


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