s q u u b d o t c o m

I could almost see them on the platform. He'd figured out that if he stuck to one or the other, he could drink as much as he desired and hear the pounding in the morning. My stomach rumbled as if to say, "you need to stop forgetting to eat."

Someone sped by the door, a blur. Maybe it was one of them. Oxes, plowing fields of fruitless soil. This will all be yours someday. I was vexed. I hadn't spoken to anyone other than Mr. Stevens in months, even my job only required that I listen and stamp. It was 8 o'clock, morning or evening it didn't matter, the amount of light on the ocean floor is always the same. The water was chilly, but I'd gotten used to it. I could hear through my headset that Griggins was again humming his tune. I hated him for it.



What is the stuff? Some stuff actually gets better as you grow senile, but the tether isn't always tightly wound. Unravelling of the tether is a condition not uncommon to musicians.

Ever sleep in a cage? Lights leave criss-cross shadows on your face and you can hardly keep your eyes shut. Some learn to sleep with one eye open, watching the pendulum motion of the bare bulb on its wire. Hypnotism is a lie, too. Shrinks like heated plastic wrap around your skin. Elstid is stomping around on the creeking floor overhead. He's always got some damned parasite, and I can never tell for sure that it's him doing the damage. Some of the parasites are stronger than the others. He only has a certain level of fortitude.

Days have passed and I'm still stuck in here, hearing the sand scraping the window. The wind is battering it up against the east-facing side of the building. Elstid sometimes sleeps, I think, and then I can sit in my corner and pick at the scales developing on my elbows and knees.

Out on the sea, where Elstid used to make his living, there was a small colony on a floating platform. Something like twenty men with hardened skin, all used to diving at night. They were secretive. The ocean floor out there is so far down, there's no way a man could dive that deep. Yet they were bringing things up.

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