Part 5
in an indefinitely dimensioned series


Part 5a - Annoying the Pod

How to Annoy the Pod

NOTE: You most likely do not want to annoy the Pod.

Figure 5a.1--Pointing and Staring at the Pod

 With some friends, gather in a circle around the Pod.

 Have everyone point and stare at the Pod (fig. 5a.1)

 If the Pod is not yet irritated*, begin shouting at it and cursing. (fig. 5a.2)

 Join your friends in a dance around the Pod. (fig. 5a.3) If anyone is a bad singer, have him or her sing to the Pod.

 Ignore the Pod for a while. (fig. 5a.4)



*If the Pod has become irritated, you'll know it.

Figure 5a.2--Shouting at and Cursing the Pod

Figure 5a.3--Dancing around the Pod

Figure 5a.4--Ignoring the Pod





Part 5b - Really Pissing off the Pod

NOTE: It is very much not in your best interest to do any of the following things. Instructions included for anyone who may be really stupid and want to do this anyway.

Figure 5b.1--You and your Friends Kicking the Hell out of the Pod

There are quite a few things you can do to really piss off the Pod. Following are just a few of those.

 With your friends, kick the hell out of the Pod. (fig. 5b.1)

 Fart anywhere near the Pod. (fig. 5b.2)

 Tell the Pod a bad joke.

 Completely Ignore the Pod for really a very long time. (fig. 5b.3)

Figure 5b.2--Farting Somewhere Near the Pod

Figure 5b.2--Ignoring the Pod for Really a Very Long Time



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