Part 4
in an indefinitely dimensioned series

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Figure 4.1--Pod Stand

Part 1 - Setting up the Pod Stand

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Figure 4.2--Pod being lifed by Pod-Hoist.

Setting Up the Pod Stand

NOTE: It is assumed at this time that the Pod operator has acquired the Pod Stand Accessory Kit.  If this is not the case, proceed with caution.


 Set up the three individual portions of the Pod Stand in a configuration unilateral to the supporting of the Pod. (fig. 4.1)


 The Pod should be lifted with the Pod-Hoist (not included in the PSAK). (fig 4.2)


 Manuver the Pod-Hoist to properly align the Pod over the Pod Stand. (not shown)

 Release the Pod from the Pod-Hoist and let it rest gently upon the Pod-Stand. (figure 4.3)

Place the Pod Access Ladder (included in the PSAK) against the Pod to allow for entering and exiting the Pod*. (figure 4.4)


*See Part 1 - The Pod.

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Figure 4.3--Pod Resting on Pod Stand

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Figure 4.3--Pod Ladder Placement




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