Part 3
in an indefinitely dimensioned series

Figure 3.1--Pod and Handlebars

Part 1 - Envelopment of the Pod with the Head

Figure 3.2--Enveloping The Pod with one's Head

Enveloping the Pod With One's Head

NOTE: In order to properly perform this procedure, The Pod Head Insertion Kit should be utilized.

 The Pod should be attached to the Pod Insertion Handlebars (fig. 3.1)

 The Pod should be gently lifted from the ground. (not shown)

 The Pod should be rested against the forehead.

 The head should be undulated in a wavelike manner so that a rippling hole begins expanding at the juncture of the head and The Pod. (figure 3.2)

 The Pod should be maneuvered into the head, coming to rest In a horizontal orientation*. (figure 3.3)


*See additional section for signs of malheadPod orientation.

Figure 3.3--After Pod Insertion


Part 1 - Easy Removal Feature Operation

NOTE: The easy removal feature of The Pod is only available on The Pod model LX*, and is to be performed only when The Pod has already been enveloped with the head.

Figure 3.4--Removing The Pod


 Tilt the head so that the ear (left or right) is nearly parallel to the ground.

 Hop on one foot.

 The Pod will slide smoothly out of the ear, coming to rest on the ground.

WARNING: The above procedure should only be attempted in a gravity-assisted environment. Gravity-free environments (such as the Cargo hold of a space shuttle in orbit around the earth) are not conducive to proper execution of this procedure.

*For removal of a non-LX model Pod, consult a physician, Pod service technician, or a Priest qualified to perform exorcism.



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