What's this site all about?  Squub.  Which is to say Cob.  Which is to congeal lightly on the windshield.

Who told you you could come in here?  I'm sorry.  I'm an incompetent boob.

Will you add a link to my site on your site?  Oh, your site?  For I?  The keys are all stuck. I am not a DVORAK.  THANKS>

I did not say you could put my picture up here.  Will you take it off?  No.

Are you a com·put·er hack·er?   I am being asked not to answer that.  It's all 1s and 0s, man.  Until you add a 2.  Then you're fucked.

Would you believe in a love at first site?  Yes I'm certain that it happens all the time.

Are you going to get me anything for my birthday?  Yes.

Why is this site so butt-ugly?  I am a genius of design, way ahead of my time.  Your children's children's monkey will understand.  The world will vilify you for your ignorant attacks.

Why is there an ugly face under the buttons now?  I will only answer this question in person.

I HATE FRAMES!  Is there a version without frames?  No.  Fuck off.

Why is the Italic/Red text pattern different on this question?  Everyone's a critic.

Is there any pornography at SQUUB.COM?  Yes.  Yes there is.

Why did you spell FAQ PHACK?   Are you some kind of stupid ass?  Yes.  PHACK stands for something a lot cooler than Frequently Asked Questions, but you will not be privy to that information anytime soon.

Was there ANY point, whatsoever, in putting this on here?   I forget. I had a good reason when I started it.

Can I send some comments to the Squub?   If there's something you'd like to tell us, please feel free. There's an automailer thing here: MailerThing. We'd actually like to hear from you. Or not.