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Absurdist Writing - If you feel like you're in danger of seeing things just a little too clearly, join this group. If you send them spam they'll kick you in the neck. Our friend Kingo contributes to this group when he's not spamming other groups. (This link'll open your mail program, if you've got one configured. If you'd rather just take a look at the group, click here.)

DADA Server - Do not manifold the postulate, herein lies the scale of the question

Johnny Chicken (An astounding frame of reference for researchers into The Great Cob, except this place got all confused and talks about Johnny Chicken, having somehow misappropriated the oh-so-vital exclamation, "May Cob Chicken You!")

WEBTEK Systems - I suggest any HTML codeWriterz go here and learn from the PROES!

The Right Half of [some guy's] Brain - wrapped in plastic elevator shoes.

The New Absurdist - good resource

Cultivate Twiddle - surrealistic legos (and more(ish))

Tortured Potato - cheating a little since this was linked from Cultivate Twiddle, but it's got a potato, so it's okay

Kitty62ville - I don't know what this is. It looks to be semi-not-updated but full of things, including some found photos and found letters.

saint aardvark the carpeted.com - a healthy emporium in the burbling vowels of Cob

daveblackwood.com - The inimitable outsider's outsider.

In Passing

Cupcake Canasta's blogspot - Where is my cellophane? Lysterine?

Symbolic: Adventures In Text - I'm not sure right now, except that this is just some guy writing about writing. Sometimes.

transmute - I don't think there's much here, but the attitude is right. RIGHT.

Found Magazine - I'm so fascinated by this kind of thing that I'm completely jealous of whoever started this. I could've posted my own found stuff up here at squub. What am I to do with it now? Send it to these guys? Post it anyway? I KNOW... I KNOW!!! I'll just do nothing, like I always do! Happy finding.

Cupcake Canasta - The cupcake has returned, as fresh as ever.

Reinventing the Wedge

The ShiverBones Group (strange bedfellows)


Brutum Fulmen (noise)

Cow Bell!(DOINK!)

Dead Funt(ouch)

Stammtisch Beau Fleuve Connections could be made, destruction could result. DO NOT PROCEED.

Jethro Tull Official Web Site    (and you shake

your head)

Melo Online I found this girl's page at shutdown.com when trying to figure out what happened to Misanthropic Bitch. This girl's site is nothing like that other site. Aside from having not nearly as much content (at least that I've found,) it's pretty much less irritating to read and... in fact there's no good reason to make comparisons between the two, except that this one's hosted at shutdown.com, like the other one used to be. I'll stop talking, now.

Lump (Lump) [Did I not ever notice before hat Lump has a penis?]

Ack (Ack)


Exquisite Corpse biggerthanthis

Cuetip - currently a paper sack

The Official Unofficial Guide to the Works of the Residents

Misanthropic Bitch


Please go read this lady's stuff.  It's A-MAZING!

AckAck (fawnee jee!)

Misanthropic Bitch (Yes!  She was that. I don't know whereat she's gone now.)

Nancy Luft - I've been hoping to find more from her. The Sputniks are always in my backyard, too.

Below here is something that should, probably, but put on its own page. But that might change this big mess into not that. So for now this will stay here. It's a new thing that popped into my head. It probably won't continue. I'm linking to random personal homepages here. That are semi-interesting. Something about personal homepages with years of stuff, some of it outdated, some of it not, strikes me as odd. Along the lines of found photographs and scraps of paper blowing down the street.

John Marquis - I don't know this guy. I don't know how many degrees of separation there are between us. A friend of mine forwarded me a link to his "defaced construction signs archive." And it's pretty funny. I have no idea if my friend actually knows this guy. So then I rooted around the rest of his site. While doing that, I got the idea to start including this kind of link here. So here's to the blump. Sting. Wob.

Matthew Rossi - some little old edge of some thing that must be dying off. i have to point to the things that are this way when i feel an urge. i don't know this guy either, obviously, and that's why i stuck this right here along with the other stuff that i know nothing about. small letters make me lunge out. no point.

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