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Incessantly Noisemongering Kaleidescope (new 7/10/2003)

Silent Cereal Boxes (7/10/2002)

The Insufficient Nickel (7/10/2002)

Something of a Fluxus (7/25/2001)

Getcher Skyrocket, China (7/25/2001)

Mind Your Lemon (12/?/2000)

Fern Ragout (09/10/2000)

Sensing the Wonderful Sun


Strange Attractors and a Particle (05/10/2000)

Abducting Back (04/17/2000)

Please, Step over that Way (04/17/2000)

A Fleeting Punch (03/07/2000)

Plud Flud (03/07/2000)

A Bit of a Lamp (03/07/2000)

A first for the Marigolds

A piece of Lamb

Fantastic TroubleFace

Start to ask for a Ramp


A Mode Ist Pro Pose All

Did it Stink?

[{Scloog Ooon {}]

A spiraling of fibrous contraceptives is very common in cases where no particleboard is found

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faceless scavengers

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