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This is Not Squub's GUEST BOOK, which is also known in some corners as Squub's Notguest Book. (What's the opposite of a guest?)

Or, the Squub's-guests-sign-some-other-books book.

The Virginia Cantaloupe Festival Guestbook: Sign It -:- Read It

Tour-Ed Mine & Museum I can't really parse that title

Larry Bob and a Titclamp (There once was a man from big bucket)

Someone's Wall! (Can I scribble?)

Gastrolab (Get that outta that)

Not Quite Grandpa Bob (but I tried, damn it)

des Physikalischen Instituts der Universität Würzburg Gästebuch

Michael & Marivic's Tell them about your fish!

Chef Paul (he's hefty!) Tell them about your other fish!

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