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Contributors and People

The following people have something to do with something here: (the following has been hopefully robot-proofed. Meaning there are few mailto tags. In most cases there's an email address associated witht the names as listed.)
I (editor/malcontent/famous ninja) I
Whoop (MIA)
Rebot (contributor and partial Tump)
Jesplunk (possibly willing contributor and Antagonist)
Kingo Sleemer (throwing everything at the wall) kingo
Stewie (that one Nub)
Madhog (coconspirator at large)
Moondog (spiritual contamination, rhymes with the other guy)
Jimp (watching, laughing, hating)
Spookytim (Member at large, all the way over there where he is, being over there.)
Should they wish it, their names may be printed here at some point.


If anyone wants to get something put on here, send it to any e-mail address you find on the site. If someone that reads it likes it, it might get put somewhere here. You could also submit to submitter. if you'd like.