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hello? hello?

Can't talk. Try write book.

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Only One Solution, from toothpaste for dinner, which I found doing a google search for "how to pee." From that it's probably goddamn obvious that I'm trying to write x number of pages for my book every day, and haven't done any yet today.

What that particular cartoon reminded me of (if you didn't go look at it, I strongly encourage you to do so now, as it'll take you fifteen seconds all told, and then you'll know what I'm talking about here, which you'll know anyway, even if you don't go there, but I'm not going to say what it says because I like to write sentences that never, ever end,) is that the other day while my wife and I were driving ourselves slowly insane, I mean shopping, there was some guy having a really, really stupid conversation on his cell phone. He was having it very, very loudly. This will surprise no one, because it happens a lot. Recently, while sitting still in a mess of traffic on my commute home from work, I watched the cars going the other way, and no less than half of the ones I saw contained people talking on cell phones.

While shopping that day, I thought about that device I wrote about here, which is a remote control that just turns off all of the tvs nearby. I still think that's stupid. However, if they made another one that disconnected all cell-phone connections within a 100 foot radius -- that would rock.