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I've been in some sort of infinite regression, here, looping around in circles, with nothing happening to allow me to exit the loop. This entry could be complicated, except that I'm working, so I've got to keep it short. It's going to include something I wrote Sunday linking to something else I wrote Sunday. Paperclypsy has an entry today linking to something to which the longer this I wrote on Sunday referred. In seeing that link I was prompted to get this stuff out here before it just becomes another non-entity.

If none of this makes any sense, so be it.

From Sunday:

Further stabs at using PHP: Squub's index page now includes two enhanced features. Or it's been enhanced by two new features. Whatever. The little greeting at the top is no longer static, but pulls randomly from a list of such things. (Now I just gotta add to the list, or take it further...) Using similar logic (actually I used the same functions to do both of these things, so that's pretty cool,) beneath the list of recent squublog entries (which I haven't updated in over a month,) there's an "Out of Context" quote that pulls randomly from whatever's in my main weblog page. It's a little stupid, but it's semi interesting.

I've got some enhancements in mind, like populating the list of recent entries dynamically; it's a little tough right now though as when i put those there I make decisions about what piece of the entry to include that I don't currently encode while writing the entries. So getting this to work would require the inclusion of some kind of tags in my entries that would serve as an abstract. Or something similar.

Off my rocker: I started a huge post that went in a hundred different directions. Usually when this happens I run out of time and just leave the text somewhere on a harddrive and never get back to it. In this case I'm thinking I'm going to post the stuff as a separate html page, and link to it here, and maybe summarize what I'm talking about. This leads to some functionality that I think could be useful, and outside the bounds of standard webloggery. This, and other pages like it, would be works-in-progress, not snapshots of my thoughts at a single time like regular entries. I'll include a comments link on it, hoping for some feedback. Eventually the thing (or things) might get finished. Or they could just be forever evolving.

(of course the problem with this is that I've gotta make a whole damned html page for this thing and manually encode the comments link thing and that's more work. Eventually i could automate that. Mmmm-hmmm. I'll probably get right on that.)

(In starting to tackle this, what I'm talking about sort of looks like a Wiki. I haven't seen them used in exactly this way; but I tend to be pretty much oblivious to how anything's used until years after the fact. Okay, so maybe I should think about installing PhpWiki. But that'll require more space than I've got here, I'm sure, and so is one more reason to get moving on a new host.)

(Everything I write today is a series of side-notes. I am more than a little disturbed by this, as it feels like it's becoming the rule instead of an exception.)

Driven to Distraction: The piece that I began writing today, for this space, has so far gotten itself twisted into two sections. The first half discusses my inability to concentrate or focus on tasks, and about how time-saving technologies seem to be doing nothing to save me any time. The second half talks about conservatism and liberalism, and why I don't think those categories work. The second half is even less fully baked than the first.

In between there are some notes about where I think I'm trying to go with this.

As I mentioned, I'd appreciate feedback or discussion.

Furtherance (briefly):

Sunday night, late, I read an entry by Blimpish concerning 'Left' and 'Right.' The piece was enlightening, for me. I went to bed late after reading it, and couldn't sleep for a while, tossing and turning while my head chewed through this stuff. He's presented the dichotomy very clearly. I haven't been able to get back to where I want to be as far as responding; the second half of the long post of mine, linked above, which I wrote Sunday could work my responses in pretty well if I could clear up the time and mental space. I've got no idea whether or not that'll happen, but I encourage you to read his piece.