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Time Enough at Last

Where is everybody? Well, I guess this'll have to be one for the angels.

Nevermind. The start of my month-long binge, Two Characters In Search of An Exit, was also the start of my un-mentioned puzzle. I'm not sure I specifically thought about it that way at the time; I'm also not sure I specifically think of it that way now. Maybe more of a trivia-challenge.

I certainly didn't do it all off the top of my head. That first entry I came by honestly; I thought it was a good title for the post, and it just happened to be a play on the name of an episode. Two entries later I had to think about it, but I was pretty happy with the resulting title, A Most Unusual Remote Control. (At least as happy as I can be about something so silly as what I, at that point, was pretty sure I was starting to do...)

Of course the title sounded strange enough that I figured there'd be someone who made the connection. I assumed, too, that whoever that was would post a comment saying, "Oh, hey, look what you did." No one did; I wasn't sure whether that meant the gag was missed or nobody figured there was any real reason to point it out. At any rate I figured I'd keep going with the every-other-entry pattern, although that guideline got stretched further later on.

Next I decided to go for the obvious by using The Eye of the Beholder as a title. It had something to do with something in my post, though I had to go back just now to see what, exactly, the post was about. The thing was about how fast people read. So, you know. Eye.

That didn't work. So from there I think I just figured it'd go on until the end, and then I'd say, "hey, there's this thing about the titles," and someone would say, "oh, yeah, I know." So I pushed blindly ahead, with The Masks, The Time Element, The Invaders, The Mirror, and The Fear. Then I used Walking Distance, which I sorta thought would ring somebody's bell. Or not. So I kept right on going with The Changing of the Guard (definitely didn't come up with that one off the top of my head...) Then I remember thinking that I could at least get someone to ask, "What the hell's up with your title, here?" when I named my post about the Stick Figure Gallery Uncle Simon. I mean, clearly I don't have an uncle Simon, and if I did he wouldn't be a stick figure on a warning sign. Hell, I don't know, maybe he would.

That one might've come too rapidly between others, anyway, as it fell on deaf people. Heavily. Thud.

Looking at my archive now I see that I stretched my bounds further than I remember having stretched 'em after that thud. I skipped two days, and something like five entries, before coming back strong with The Two of Us Are Dying, which is pretty damned clever, if you ask me; not only did it refer back to the Two Characters in Search of an Exit thing that started it all, it fit the post AND was another gimme. But you people... man.

Valley of the Shadow was another tack-on title, I think. I'm pretty sure that's got very little to do with my post about saving webloggerdom. Ah, well, it sorta might... fit, the gravity of the situation I was, postscribe prescript

(sidescript: There is this woman at work. I don't talk about people at work in case anyone there ever gets nosy and finds me here. But this... this is just unFUCKINGbelievable. I'm working from home, I'm taking a break because I didn't take one for lunch, and I'm writing this. She found me on Instant Messenger, and started... I can't even begin to describe the level of frustration this woman causes me. She's a QA person, a tester... a breaker. Whatever. She's got one problem tracker of mine to fix before a release. I explained it to her in detail yesterday, as much as I could over top the din of her interrupting what do you mean am I supposed to go to this screen? my explanations okay but are you sure I'm not supposed to do this first? between every other Should I start from this screen or that screen? fucking What do I do if this happens? word. So now she's Instant Messaging me because she's "not comfortable" releasing this because she doesn't know how to test it. And I could give two shits, because the boss wants it released, and this ain't my fucking problem. But the boss is on the phone, so she keeps Messaging me with bullshit about "He's still on the phone." At some point she changed the color of her font from black to hot pink. At this point, after her fifth IM about the boss (now he's in his office with the door closed, after she IM'd him while he was on the phone, which I told her not to do,) I think he's ignoring her too. I think maybe he sent the thing without her ever figuring out how to test it. I think I'm going to put her on my fucking ignore list. Her last message was, "Now what do I do?" Boy, do I ever want to tell her.)

The Whole Truth hardly counts -- that post could've been called anything and I wouldn't have expected anyone to notice. (In fact I'm thinking that's the case about all of my posts.) Finished up with The Purple Testament and finally, The Lateness of the Hour, where I finally let on that there was something aflutter.

It occurs to me, having just finished pasting the URLs to those entries into the empty anchor tags I'd left there for 'em as I wrote that, that this might come of sounding like a big, self-congratulatory piece of fluff. For the record: I'm not in the least bit fluffy. I've never been accused of being fluffy and, to be honest, I don't think I care for your tone. This entry is, quite simply, a pointless exercise in writing to write. I don't know what my point was in doing this thing, I don't think I had one. But Taleswapper found me out (though at first I didn't understand that he'd found me out, so, you know, take that for a pot of fish,) so it's time to clean up the windows and batten down the cucumber cutters. And, of course, to reward Taleswapper with a nice big can of a quality of mercy. With Sulu, I think. (Oh, oops. Looks like it's Spock. I know Sulu was in one of 'em.)

Can't leave this string of irrelevance without linking to this site, which proved very valuable to me when I was trying to come up with titles to match my gibberish. And then there's this wikipedia entry, which I found when I accidentally typed my search into Firefox's address bar instead of going to google to do a search. I didn't know Firefox would bring me right to a site based on typing a search-term into that bar. Neat-e-o.

On to biggers and betters... someone will probably not notice if I don't point it out here that my list of weblogs has changed, ever so slightly, once again. I've removed one of 'em out of what may be my first inter-weblog personal explosive dramatic... uhm... whatever, I got pissed off and I don't need to be going to someplace that's always pissing me off anymore. Not that I'll stop going there, I just don't need to be pointing it out to people anymore. I don't think he ever once had a link to this place anyway.

Also, I added daveblackwood.com, which doesn't go to a URL called www.daveblackwood.com but goes to his site which is called that. I'm always moving his links around, because he's always changing where he is then coming back then not doing anything there then saying something funny when he does come back then changing the name of something... anyway, there's a bunch of stuff there I hadn't seen before, if you're interested.

This entire, cryptic in still not directly answering the question, "Where were those titles coming from?", and also cryptic in not getting into the drama of my disgust with a rabid... whatever, has been brought to you by the letters Squeegy and Buscuit. More will, inevitably, follow.