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The title of this post just transmogrified itself straight through about four different incarnations before I typed a word. Let's just see if I can leave it stuck there like that.

I'm in a daze now, not sure exactly how to proceed. I'm going to lay out a few things.

I'll be removing a lot of the posts from this main squublog page soon; probably Monday or Tuesday. I was planning on doing it immediately after my month-long outpouring, but I'm thinking I'll leave 'em there for long enough... well, there's no sense to it, really. It's a pretty big page right now, and some of you are probably tired of waiting for it to load. I'll take care of it this week. The Monday landmark is just sort of hanging around in my head because I think maybe some people don't read this thing over the weekend. It's possible that really not many read it anyway, and fewer still post comments. It's the comments thing that's making me leave shit up, ultimately: my big, unkempt, unfortuate wrap-up post is sort of sitting there all lonely-like. Not that there's any particular response I'd expect from something like that. (Except there is one thing, related to the metamorphosis of the title of this post: I'm still waiting to see if anyone even gives a flying fry-daddy about my title-thing. There was a title I was going to be using for this post but it'd give it away, (or, hell, it probably wouldn't if it's not already been figured out by everyone, which maybe it has...) so I didn't use it in case you smart, concerned citizens haven't read that post yet to discover that there's something someone's supposed to humor me by figuring out.)

I'm almost out of room on my host. I've been very happy with them (nomonthly.com,) but I'm thinking about switching. I've done a little research and found a few that are well-reviewed and offer more storage space at a lower cost. I guess there's the option of sending someone at nomonthly an email asking if they'd match someone else's price, but I can't imagine things like that actually work in this sort of environment. This place has been pretty rock-solid, though, as far as keeping squub online. I've not had to deal with any data loss or anything, and there've only be one or two times when this site's been down, and it's always come back up very quickly. So I'd stay if I could; but 75 megs of space isn't cutting it anymore. So we'll see.

I'm thinking about redesigning, at this squublog page. I'm still sort of toying with the RSS idea, though no progress has been made in that direction yet.

There's also the idea of a sort of style or substance shift rattling around in my head. The problem is that I don't know where that might take me. I've considered focusing on some kind of weekly update schedule, where my posts may be longer and more substantive. I've proven to myself that, if I foresake everything else and let car insurance bills go unpaid and incur fines from the state and ignore my wife and don't wash my car and never finish cleaning my basement and don't take showers and don't exercise and don't play video games and don't go to movies and don't eat food then I can update this thing daily. Ah, who am I kidding. The basement wouldn't have gotten clean anyway.

So if I could just channel that energy into something useful, or at least mildly entertaining, I might have something here that I can point to in a year and say, "hey, look, there's a thing here." (I don't know what the hell I'm talking about right now. Bear with me.) There's definitely something intriguing about the idea, though, of having a mildly entertaining weblog. Cob knows there are weblogs that I visit that are, to say the least, mildly entertaining.

Eh, it's just a thought. Really, maybe there are enough mildly entertaining sites on the web. Frankly, the internets could stand a few more boring, unfocused, unfunny, self-immolating, un-spell-checked, insipidly irrelevent weblogs. (It just now occurred to me, in a flash of what has to be the most overduest realization ever, that Insipid Irrelevence, which is technically, sort-of, in some alternate view of things, the name of this entire website, is a pretty cool name and describes, exactly, the focus of this focusless weblog. Perhaps a name change is in order? But how could there be a weblog called Insipid Irrelevence on a website called Insipid Irrelevence without confusing the entire order of the whatnot totally and completely? I definitely don't want to cause a ruckus.)

This is getting out of hand. Believe me, it was never meant to go this far. I was supposed to be posting three brief sentences about how I might stop writing now on here for a while, with some other words thrown into the phrase just to make it sound cooler. It wasn't supposed to stretch into this extensive gibberish about names and... and... whatever else I was just talking about. Hell, I'm writing this right in my globber software window, which I try not to do for longer posts as this machine is apt to crash at random times and this software isn't smart enough to have anything silly like a save feature. When I save this shit this shit is saved, with a capital letter in the middle except not. It just writes an html file and another html file and that's all she wrote. I can't get in there and edit it without using notepad or something. Man, when I write it out like that right here it really sounds like this is one hideously underdeveloped piece of software.

The software, in fact, is always due for an overhaul. I don't expect it anytime soon, though. I may add a spell-check to it, though that'd possibly be fighting the aesthetic I've struggle so hard to maintain here.

Now I'm sitting here staring. Apparently after all that I have come to the end. I started ramping up there for a big expungement on some stuff and some other stuff, and then I just stopped.

This is the first day of the rest of my weblog. Jeepers.