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(Today Only! Special For All! A question and an answers with friend of Squub! Get Book! This Good Now!)

Q: Why aren't there any bluesmen that wear Mexican wrestling masks? i mean seriously, there's no one!
A: You right so! There are hardly no one body, but it is enough that Los Straitjackets will to do?

Q: I believe that's a huuuuhhhhhhhhheheh instance?
A: You may be? My computer not do so good at now. I no link for huuuuuhhhhhhhheheh instance.

Q: Translation for the elderly- either here or there -
A: Was question I think, yes? I was speak of many successfully day of write blog entry! Each every! Then say my next move is to take old time commercial challenge: potato chip maker said "bet you can't eat just one!" I say, "What me eat one and go get good fun too!"

Q: Just make it Moxie for mine.
M: I don't know was question, or was not, but was bring interest.

"Contains not a drop of Medicine, Poison, Stimulant or Alcohol. But is a simple sugarcane-like plant grown near the Equator and farther south, was lately accidentally discovered by Lieut. Moxie and has proved itself to be the only harmless nerve food known that can recover brain and nervous exhaustion, loss of manhood, imbecility and helplessness."

Q: Why you so many democrat?
A: I politic with all day!

But Nobody Ask These:

Q: What to doing if demon soul attach to get out?

Bathing in water with sea salt added to it is a quick solution.
1.gives you a reprieve from most of attached "things"
2. can purify enough to make the lesser ones plain die or be replused for good.
3. can buy you time enough to gain back energy and health while you go get a more permanent solution to said "thing(s)"

Q: What is disturbing me so?

An unwelcome presence in the memorial is a children's playground placed there some years ago, which disturbs the tranquility of the area. One of the first steps in restoring the Pinery is to remove the playground equipment.

Q: Can see more big, ugly spider?
A: Yes!