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I hate you. You hate me.
Let's just yell some more.

So yesterday I followed Mad William Flint's link to this piece of work by someone called Moxie. Or some weblog called Moxie. Or something that has something to do with Moxie. And I read it, and I didn't laugh because I didn't think it was funny, but that's because I'm an asshole. I mean an asshat. I mean a moonbat. I vaguely understood it for what it was -- a reaction to the anger the Right feels coming at 'em from the Left. I was tempted to comment, but then I couldn't orient myself; amidst the dripping sarcasm and irony that's evident in the post and the comments, I was left utterly unable to figure out what the hell anyone's talking about anymore. It's clear that no one there's just saying anything outright, everything has to be re-filtered through a misunderstanding of what someone on the other side might be saying. I thought about posing as a liberal posing as a conservative posing as a liberal, but that didn't quite make sense because I'm more of a liberal than a conservative. So then I figured maybe I should pose as a conservative posing as a liberal posing as a conservative posing as a liberal. I couldn't really parse anything that way, though; the back-and-forth filtering actually filtered out everything. There was nothing left. At that point I was tempted to write something about gummy bears, or maybe shoe horns. But then it'd be obvious I was just a crazy person posing as a crazy person, and that wouldn't be sufficiently ironic. Plus there's no national Crazy Person party, unless you're a rabid rightwinger as envisioned by me, in which case the Democratic Party is the national Crazy Person party.

So today I found Fuck The South while browsing this nothing-but-links post on TangleBones. Now this I can get behind, because every other word is "fuck," or some derivation thereof. This is how to tell someone off if you want (whatever that word is that describes the thing you feel when you break a bunch of shit just to get relief.) None of this stupid post-ironic shit where an atheist pretends to be the embodiment of a fundamentalist "christian" as envisioned by an amalgamation of all the hard-Left propagandists whose valid points are weeded out by the filters of the pundits to whom the atheist chooses to listen. Give me my "fuck yous" straight up, please and thank you.

"Fuck you, Generic Rightwinger!" says Generic Leftwinger.

"No, fuck you, Generic Leftwinger!" says Generic Rightwinger.

"Fuck you, Squub, for ripping off that stupid fucking 'I love you, you love me,' Barney song, which rips off the nick-nack-paddywhack song, and getting it stuck in my fucking head!" says Alleged Squublog Reader.