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Uncle Simon

The Gallery of Stick-Figure Warning Signs (found on The Presurfer's LinkDump.) I've always been interested in these things, though I sure never bought a camera-phone and started a site just for the purpose of capturing them. Maybe I should've. All I did was stole one stupid sign, which you can see in the image to the left, sitting on a treadmill which I definitely didn't steal. Then one time I made some little .gifs of stick-figure warning-sign looking thingies, and wrote an article about it, which I published here. I'm sure it's not online anymore, but I imagine it's on some hard drive or floppy disk or laptop or CD in this basement.

As I've grown more mature I've wondered how many people wandered around the halls of that building (since torn down) at Frostburg State, wondering where the hell the elevator was since I stole the sign. Hopefully no one was killed in the building's demolition because of my actions. Actually I can't remember there being an elevator anywhere near that sign.