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(Not much time for writing tonight. Again. My days are still pretty full, even having (somewhat) cleared a little space for wwwebbery.)

I took a bike ride today, along some bike trails in a nearby wood. Taking a turn at a fork along a path I'd not previously followed, I came to what I at first took to be a small wooden bridge. It's constructed of a lot of boards; maybe 2x6s or 2x8s. It was wide enough for me to pass a couple walking the other direction with none of us having to move much to the side; something like four feet across. I don't think there was a high railing on any part of it; instead the sides just had something of a wooden curb, a couple inches higher than the main surface.

Turns out it covered a decent distance. Something like a boardwalk, maybe fifty yards long (though I wasn't paying enough attention to the distance, as it took me a few minutes to realize it wasn't just a bridge.) It wound through the woods, just about a foot above the forest floor. It was partially covered with the gold and orange leaves that are abundant around here this year, and once I realized the strangeness of it, it made an impression. The covering trees were beautiful, and the sky beyond them was just heading toward dusk. I could really smell the freshly fallen leaves; it was a perfect autumn experience, just a few miles from my house.

I'd like to take a few pictures with my inadequate camera; unfortunately things may change significantly before I can return. I won't be here this weekend, and I'm guessing it'll rain early next week.

At the end I was dumped back out onto a blacktop bike trail, and from there I ended up almost at the end of a dead-end road I'd ridden down before. I must've seen the trail at the time, but didn't follow it, for whatever reason.