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The Masks

Bess came through on her Pumpkinheaded Politician construction. Will that be the only promise kept this election season?

(Could I come up with something dumber to say, maybe something that sounds a little more like something some local Fox newscaster would say?)

Another contributor sent me a link to a bunch of plans for complicated pumpkin carving, which include these:


The labels there are above the pictures they're labelling, contrary to what I thought at first when I saw the kerry pumpkin labelled as "Lurch".

Of course Bess' pumpkins are way more cooler.

I'll be adding back blackwood's blog to my list o' blogs over there this week. I had to go searching to remember where he was keeping that blog; his other two spots don't work much anymore. Also his friend Sharplee, who I've probably mentioned here before, is out o' jail, it seems. So he'll probably get added to the list too.

Enough for tonight.