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New Oppurtunies (a proposition)

Dear Time Management and the Further Selves at SquubPile.Squub:

Please recently remember that we have been ing in receipt of your recent advertisementing papers and investitures and are very curious and interested and entirely believing that your campaign for noodel management (our own recipe) will be so unable to be stopped as to make ours the marketing force to be reckoned with in the next coming years! This is very happy we are to announce to you this day your very kindly offer to be our primary and sole advertisement packaging coordinator and developer of marketing strategy and real world wide contempt. It is a nice package offer and it comes with a Senegal.

Please consider promptly and respond intentionally with your greatest confidence that your vision and creative architecture will be met with deaf ear and a blind eye to your talents, which are considerable and therefore slightly great above our own talent in coordinating our own product which you know is Market Safe Crepe Tooth Sauce.

Previously of course our slogan was "Market Safe Crepe Tooth Sauce: You use it!" And we were not satisfied beyond intention with our response from the market as a whole which we are well awares that is huge and vast for this sort of our product which is still to this days without rival in the space.

Your suggestion of recent that we include a new slogan of your designing of thing like, "Market Safe Crepe Tooth Sauce: You've gotta use it!" are very much received in our shipping dock with such aplomb as to be at no mercy for things to sell! We can ship more of this sauce this way with happy workers in the loading area.

Other suggestion of your we weren't so much fond of such as that we stop manufacturing our Market Safe Crepe Tooth Sauce and begin making something else, or that we actually change the name of our flagship product to something like Tooth Paste, which we do not like the touch or texture of "paste" and so thinking this to be a mistake.

You are now consider our sole market and advertisement maker and your suggestions and work will be considered in highest esteem. We will be to pay you as our regular agreement incl. in encl. env.

Thank you for your hard efforts in this work and for being our new developmenter of advertise and market space. We will all be proud!

- Diumdivern Yurilmetungtung
vice Carpet Cleaner
Market Safe Crepe Tooth Sauce, Inc.