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the weird fucker shot himself...

...or that's what they'd have us believe. His son is being quoted as saying, "Hunter prized his privacy and we ask that his friends and admirers respect that privacy as well as that of his family." Sounds like a cover-up to me. But what do I know. They say he shot himself, who am I to argue.

Here are some post-mortem news pieces:

HUNTER S. THOMPSON: 1937-2005 Original gonzo journalist kills self at age 67 'Fear and Loathing' author, ex-columnist for S.F. Examiner dies of gunshot wound from the SF Chronicle.
Writer Hunter S. Thompson Kills Himself from Newsday.

...and here are some random links to shit about Thompson:

Thompson on 9/11 in Salon.
Hunter S. Thompson: surprised he's still here

Now I'm returning to my hole in the ground. See ya again in a few years.