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sportsman are getting very hip

One time I was going through a pile of furniture on the sidewalk in front of an apartment where someone had left their junk and moved away. [...] I was shoving boxes out of the way when a bag of old books fell onto the sidewalk and tore open. Among the magazines and pages, missing both its front and back covers, was a diary.

It was hand written on unlined pages by a woman whose first entry was in 1975 and whose last dated entry is in 1978. It's 59 pages long.

[...] Starting today, a page at a time, I'll scan each entry and post them as graphic images here.

That's from Gravity Zero. Unfortunately there are no links to individual entries, so you, the hypothetical reader cut adrift in time, when conceivably many entries have taken this one's place near the top of the pile, will have to dig around for yourself. The first page is available as of this writing, but I'm not direct-linking that because it's a hidden sort of page; unbranded. That'd be sorta like stealing bandwidth. Maybe this guy'll add direct links or an index page for all of those things or something. At any rate I'm enthralled by this sort of thing, and am incredibly jealous at his find.